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We speak GPUs

We raise awareness about GPUs for HPC, AI & Gaming Technologies

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May 2016
2016 - Foundation of NUA

Back in 5th May 2016, a gaming community was born in Odisha. Nerds from the state gathered together to collaborate and share knowledge on gaming hardware, games and latest technology.

March 2017
2017 - Nerds United Con

12th March 2017 marked the first event by NUA in collaboration with Ubisoft and Gigabyte, powered by Tech Legends.

March 2018
2018 - Rig O Ware v2.0
The 2nd version of Rig O Ware succeeded the first one that was held back in 2016. It was a DIY PC Building & Gaming event that was organized in a big scale to edutain audience on basics of PC hardware assembly, gaming technologies, eSports and GPU Computing.
Jan 2019
2019 - Formation of NUA Dev On

In January 2019, a spin-off community named NUA Dev On was created for researchers and developers. The agenda of the group was to raise awareness about developing accelerated HPC and AI applications with GPUs.

August 2019
2019 - NUA Gamers Meet v1.0

On 10th August 2019, gamers from our community assembled at a gaming café to witness a fun gaming event filled with activities like gaming quiz, discussing the scenario of the gaming industry, tinkering with Jetson AI, playing games on PS4 and high-end gaming rigs. 

August 2019
2019 - NUA Dev Meet v1.0

On August 17th 2019, Odisha's 1st AI and GPU gathering was organized in collaboration with KIIT University. Speakers from our community, Nvidia and HighRadius took part in this unique developer meet.

October 2019
2019 - NUA Dev Meet v1.2

October 20th, 2019 marked our first meetup in a co-working space. Developer and gamers from Hyderabad, attended the dev meet which was backed by speakers from Nvidia, AMD and a few startups.

December 2019
2019 - NUA Dev Meet v1.4

December 22nd, 2019 was our first event in Kolkata, which was organized in a garage lab in collaboration with GizmoQuest and XRIG. It was a crowdfunded event which made it unique and special.

May 2022
NUA Dev YT Cover
Launch Of Our Website